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How To Lose Armpit Fat [Easy Tips]

Your armpit is the area in between your breast and arm is one of the most common “fat traps” –  potential places for fat to accumulate. To know how to lose armpit fat, it is important to understand that armpit fat is not always an indicator of poor physical shape or unhealthy lifestyle.


There are many underlying reasons why you might be accumulating fat in your armpit area. It could be an unflattering shirt, or a bra size that doesn’t fit you and emphasizes the appearance of armpit fat. If you are experiencing pain in your armpit area, and suddenly see an increase in armpit fat without any other weight gain, it could be a swollen lymph node – in that case, it is advised to seek medical help immediately. 


However, if the reason behind your armpit fat is, in fact, just fat – then there are various paths you can take to fix this issue, but the main contributing factors to reducing your levels of armpit fat are diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. 




Here’s our best tips on how to lose armpit fat:





  1. Exercise


The armpit may be a difficult area to exclusively target when you’re trying to get rid of fat. Trying to tackle specific areas when getting rid of fat is generally not very effective. And that’s why you should focus on losing overall body fat. Every exercise that reduces your body fat in general, is also reducing your armpit fat by default.


In addition, exercise also helps you tone your muscles which is very effective in how to lose armpit fat. 


For that, the recommended types of exercise are:

  • Cardio
  • Lifting weights 
  • Strength training


Since the goal here is to not only lose fat overall, but also to tone your muscles in order to reduce the appearance of armpit fat – the muscles that we need to target during exercise and workouts are the chest, back, and arms.


Here’s some exercises you can do at home in order to reduce armpit fat:


  •  Push-ups

With cardio, weights, targeted muscle groups, the first thing that comes to mind is push-ups. If you often find yourself at the gym then you already know the gist. But for those who are new to working out, push-ups are not that easy to do. In order for it to be effective, you need to understand the core principles of push-ups. While push-ups are an excellent strength exercise and can be done at home at a yoga mat, do consider the following for best results:


  • Believe that you can. The mental component is extremely important.
  • Your hands should be positioned shoulder-width apart and your fingers should be spread.
  • Middle finger should be in the 12 o’clock position. It is important to keep your hands straight so that your weight is distributed correctly.
  • The angle between your elbows and body should be 45 degrees.
  • Try keeping your back as flat as possible.
  • Don’t worry about the aching wrists or hands, it is only temporary. This will happen until you build enough strength to sustain a push-up.
  • Keep your core engaged – your body should stay in a straight line and feel tense. 


This is an excellent exercise for those looking how to lose armpit fat. On your weight loss journey, it is crucially important to stay consistent and keep going even if you don’t see astounding results right away. 



  • Cat-cow:

This is again a back-strengthening exercise. To try and put it into words, it is a mix between a cat and a cow position. Deemed one of the best exercises for people looking how to lose armpit fat, here’s how it’s done:


  • Place your hands and wrists right below your shoulders, and place your knees hip-width apart. Look downward with your head.
  • Start with the cow position and make a deep inhale. Now descend your bottom torso down towards the floor. Keep your chin and your chest up and look at the ceiling.
  • Stretch your shoulder muscles so that your shoulders are spread a little wider.
  • Now it’s time to move into the cat pose.
  • Go the opposite way from the cow pose. While you exhale, curve your belly towards your spine. Your back should be rounded, pointing towards the ceiling. The top of your head should face downward, but don’t just hang your head down, make sure it’s tense and focused. Hold it tight with the strength of your neck muscles. 


Repeat these 5 to 20 times. Synchronize your breathing pattern with muscle stretching.



  • Chest Press

This is an amazing combo that engages the muscles of the shoulders, arms, chest, and back to the maximum. This is exactly what we are looking for armpit fat loss. In order to master this exercise, just repeat the following steps:


  • Lie straight on your back on an elevated surface, such as a bench. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position. 
  • Holding the weights, bring your arms to the level of your body.
  • Move your forearms at your elbow joint in such a way that the upper arms are at the level of your body and lower, going below the bench and your lower arms are raised.
  • Lift your arms slowly until they are straightened and pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Return to the original position slowly.
  • Repeat the steps.


This specific exercise will require a little more preparation, since you need to purchase some weights in advance in order to successfully complete this workout.



  • Cable Pulldown Machine

For the purpose of this specific exercise, try visiting the gym since you will need a cable pull machine. Although it does require some extra effort, it is very effective in toning the muscles of the back and arms.


  • Firmly grab the pull down machine handle with your hands. Make sure you’re holding on safely before you proceed. 
  • Pull the handle down, towards your chest, using the strength of your arms, chest and back.
  • Slowly return your arms to the original position.


For best results, it is recommended to work out and repeat this exercise at least 3 times a week. This is a great exercise to keep in mind when researching how to lose armpit fat. 



  • Bench Dip

Now, this exercise can be done anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to any elevated surface such as a sofa, bench, chair or even a coffee table. Aside from targeting armpit fat, this exercise is also perfect for toning your arms and shoulders.


  • Turn your back towards your elevated surface of choice. 
  • Now put your feet together.
  • Place your hands on the edge of the surface that you picked. 
  • Now bend your knees and slowly start descending towards the floor to a point where your arms and the floor are parallel, but be careful not to touch the floor with your bottom.
  • In a “reverse push up” motion, use the strength of your arms to slowly come back up. Then repeat.






  1. Diet Patterns

Exercise will not work as efficiently if your diet is poor and if you’re compensating for the benefits of a workout with diet losses. Switching to a healthy diet is just as crucial to your body as your workout routine, if not even more important. After all, they do say “you are what you eat”. Luckily, there are many healthy dietary plans you can choose from if you do a little research. And even if you don’t want to completely change your eating habits, and if you’re only looking for a few small adjustments to your diet – here’s a few foods you should consider adding to your everyday nutrition plan:


  • Healthy fats

Healthy fats are crucial for your diet if you are pursuing weight loss and a healthy appearance. This type of fats is typically found in olive oil, nuts, avocado or fish. Adding those to your diet will reduce your appetite and, thus, prevent weight gain. It is important to include these foods to your everyday menu if you’re looking how to lose armpit fat.


  • High-protein foods

A protein diet helps reduce calorie intake and maintain your muscle mass at the same time. Increased muscle mass will automatically help you reduce some of the armpit fat. In this case, opt for foods that are high in protein – eggs, chicken meat, lean beef, shrimp, fish and nuts.


  • Say no to refined or processed carbs

Processed foods offer significantly less minerals and vitamins, and a high amount of unhealthy fat. Processed food is usually higher in calories too. Because it is full of pointless calories, it is a simple way to gain weight. If you’re trying to see how to lose armpit fat and if you’re looking for results, try substituting processed foods in your diet with whole, healthy foods that went through minimal (if any) processing. 


  • Probiotics 

The bacteria in your gut can work to your advantage in order to help you with weight and fat loss. You can facilitate this process by supplying them with probiotics in your diet. Probiotivs will improve your digestive health and help you shed some pounds even faster! To increase the amount of probiotics that you’re getting, include some of these foods into your diet: yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, miso etc.

For a full list of foods rich in probiotics, click here! 


  • Fiber

Enough fiber in your diet will help you feel full faster so you won’t eat as much, reducing your calorie intake. It will also help your body “flush out” all the toxins so your weightloss journey can be a little easier. If you’re looking to include more fiber in your diet, turn your attention to foods such as broccoli, whole grains, potatoes, apples, avocados, bananas etc. 





  1. Lifestyle 

The ultimate addition to your weightloss journey is a mindset change. When pursuing weight loss it is easy to get discouraged or upset because, let’s be honest, starting a diet is not very exciting. So it is important to change your mindset in order to achieve more sustainable results.

Add some positivity to your life and try to change your outlook on weight loss – from a challenge into a pleasant journey of self-love and self-discovery. And if you had a slip up, for instance perhaps you have missed a workout or had a “cheat meal”, don’t beat yourself up, it’s okay! It is a marathon, not a sprint. It is crucially important to keep a healthy, forgiving mindset and try to enjoy this time. This makes your effort more meaningful and helps you reach your goal sooner.



Bottom Line:

If you are looking how to lose armpit fat, I have good news for you. You can easily reduce it by making some basic adjustments to your workout routine, diet, and lifestyle patterns.

When working out, make an emphasis on your arm muscles, shoulders, chest, and back to increase your results in armpit fat reduction. Along with that, make sure to make a few adjustments to your diet, as well as your lifestyle for ultimate results. 


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