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How To Lose Neck Fat (6 Best Strategies)

Are you embarrassed or self-conscious about your neck? Maybe you are looking to reduce the appearance of your double chin? Well, you aren’t alone – 4 in 10 Americans struggle with their weight while at least 1 in 3 feels dissatisfied with their appearance. In this article, you will find out how to lose neck fat, which is commonly acquired after weight gain.

When it comes to excessive fat in the neck area in particular, it must first be understood that this is something prevalent to a lot of people. It tends to develop as we grow older and are faced with a slower metabolism compared to when we were younger. Those that are less physically active or have experienced muscle loss can also notice the appearance of a double chin.

So, if you are reading this article, chances are you are looking to make your neck slimmer. Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that, if you are expecting to read an article on “how to lose neck fat in 10 days” or if you are looking for a quick fix, you will be disappointed. Like with most things, losing fat in your neck area, or fat in general, is not a quick process, and anyone that tells you otherwise isn’t being completely honest.


But what about the good news on losing neck fat?


Well, I’m glad you asked because there actually is good news to share. While certainly, you won’t be able to instantly lose the extra weight in your neck or take a magic pill or potion that magically slims down your neck, you CAN lose it. In this article, we will break down 6 of the best ways to effectively show you how to lose excess neck fat as well as loose skin and the double chin. The good thing about these steps is that, not only will they help you resolve this aesthetic issue, but it will actually encourage weight loss, improve your overall health and wellness in life! Interested? Let’s get started:


What could be the underlying issue?



Before we go into losing a fat neck or chin fat, it’s important to find out if that is actually the issue you are having. While some people definitely carry fat around their upper body and particularly their neck, as stated before, that isn’t the only reason one might get this issue. For example, individuals with looser skin will require dramatically different steps to resolve this than someone that is simply overweight. Here we’ve included several potential reasons for why you might have fat deposits around your neck or a double chin.


  • Obesity

The most common cause of a bigger neck is weight gain. Obesity means the body has an overly excessive amount of fat stored inside of itself. While a “fat neck”, or the lack thereof, is not a sign as to whether you are obese or overweight (the fat may be stored in a plenty of places on the body) it is a good initial place to start. What is your weight relative to your Body Mass Index (BMI) ? If the proportion of your body fat to your weight is over 30% and you’ve noticed some fat around your neck, this may be the issue.


  • Wrinkled Skin

One of the consequences that come with aging is looser skin. As we grow older, it is very common for our skin to develop wrinkles and folds. Where one might feel that they’re struggling with fat in your neck and chin areas, it could simply mean that the skin around their neck is looser because of age factors instead. A good way to tell whether the issue is the skin or the fat is to use your thumb and index finger and try to pull a section of your skin upwards. If you are able to effectively do so, this would largely insinuate that this is a skin issue rather than one derived from fat.


  • Loose Skin

Similar to the wrinkled skin, as we age or experience extreme weight changes, our skin may sag and become “loose”. While there are surgical procedures that can effectively resolve this issue of saggy skin, some of the steps below will also be very beneficial.


  • Double Chin

A mixture of loose skin and excess fat in the neck, a double chin can be caused by both genetics or your diet. While there are ways to reduce a double chin, depending on its nature, many of the steps below will help eliminate (or at least reduce) this issue.


  • Goiter

A sudden and serious issue, goiters are a condition in which an abnormally large thyroid gland is produced in the neck. This can be caused by an iodine deficiency, Grave’s Disease, genetic issues, or an injury or infection to the thyroid itself. If you’ve recently developed this, it’s important to see a medical healthcare provider as soon as possible.


  • Mouth or Throat Cancer

Another very grave situation that must be taken quite seriously, is the development of a tumor or cancerous growth that has appeared around the mouth or throat. Closely examine your appearance of neck muscles, both visually and physically. If you have noticed a sudden and recent lump on or around your neck, it is important to see a medical healthcare provider as soon as possible.



how to lose neck fat


Now, How To Lose Neck Fat?

For your convenience, below are the 6 simple steps to help you lose neck fat. Note that we said “simple” rather than easy. By following these instructions, and unless you do not have the conditions mentioned above you will, at worst, greatly reduce your neck fat level and at best, eliminate it entirely:




Maintain a Balanced Diet

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to suddenly get rid of deposits of neck fat. For most people reading this article, this step of maintaining a healthy diet will greatly help you get closer to your goal of having a slimmer neck. Eating foods that are heavily processed and are high in sugars and carbs is one of the single biggest causes of a person developing a fat all over their body, neck included.

There are a variety of healthy diets that fit your lifestyle, so without going into too many details about dietary restrictions, we advise that you research and find a diet plan that works best for you. In a nutshell, if you are looking to lose excess weight in your body (which will help you lose fatty deposits in your neck), stay away from sugars and carbs, reduce excessive salt intake, include more whole unprocessed healthy food into your diet and make sure you don’t exceed your daily calorie intake – create and stick to a calorie deficit diet.

If you follow that breakdown, even without going insanely in-depth, you will definitely see an improvement and may even shed the extra weight in your neck entirely. It won’t happen overnight, but if you decide to make this your lifestyle, you will achieve great results.




Increase Your Water Intake

This is another piece of advice that you may have heard a million times, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. One of the reasons why the skin on your chin is loose is because, like a rubber band that has been stretched too far, your skin is unable to snap back to its normal state. One reason it can’t is because your skin might be dehydrated. Hydrated skin is more elastic and more resilient towards any type of damage, including stretching. Ideally, it is recommended to drink half a gallon of water or other liquids such as tea every day.

After you get into the habit of drinking water and staying hydrated not only will your neck begin shrinking, but your skin will start clearing of blemishes and your belly fat will start to shrink too. And while it is not going to solve your problem entirely by only drinking plenty of water, it will greatly aid in weight loss.

Click here to find out how to drink a gallon of water a day!




Try a Simple Exercise Routine!

Whenever you decide to embark on a weight loss journey, exercising is one of the best things you could do. Even though healthy nutrition is key when trying to lose weight, you can significantly accelerate the process by adding a fat burning workout, aerobic exercise, cardio exercise or strength training into the mix, depending on your activity level. Why? Because you need to get your body to burn calories.

Now, you don’t have to go the extremes, even 2-3 regular exercise sessions a week will promote muscle growth, and help put your entire body in a caloric deficit, causing it to start burning fat in your body. In addition, there is a variety of facial exercises as well as different neck exercise routines that you can try as a supplement to your main workout routine!

As a general rule, maintaining a moderate-to-high level of physical activity, a healthy weight and keeping your neck muscles toned will help you get rid of the excess amount of fat in your neck.




Try Facial Cupping

Another great “weapon” in a dilemma how to lose neck fat is facial cupping. In that case, you’re using soft plastic, rubber or glass cups that create suction and apply them to your skin with massaging motions. Facial cupping will help you on your mission to elastic skin by increasing blood flow to your facial muscle and neck, promoting cell regeneration and skin repair, decreasing fluid retention etc. Your skin will be left feeling younger and more toned, and a more defined facial structure will be revealed.

Using facial cupping on your neck can also help you get rid of this issue. Don’t forget to apply oil over your face and neck area before starting facial cupping, as it facilitates the gliding of the cups over your skin and ensures that you don’t develop bruises. For this purpose, you can use any type of oil – facial, olive oil, coconut or mineral oil.




Give Gua Sha a Try!

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese facial massage technique used to stimulate blood flow in your skin. Similarly to facial cupping, gua sha involves using a tool for the massage. However, unlike facial cups, it is a flat tool that is used to apply pressure on your skin in the face and neck areas.

This massage technique not only increases blood circulation in your skin, but also relieves pain and facial muscle tension, and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Gua sha is used to eliminate facial bloating, which gives you the appearance of a slimmer face and neck. For best results, practice this massage technique twice a day and do not forget to use facial oil for smoother gliding!




Pay a Visit To an Esthetician

Thankfully, we live in a time where we are able to pay in order to “upgrade” any aspects of our physical appearance in case if all other methods fail. There is a variety of cosmetic skin treatments available to you if you are looking how to lose neck fat, double chin or cheek fat.

For example, with the help of expert advice you can explore the options of neck liposuction surgery, cosmetic surgery or CoolSculpting, which is a process of shrinking the layer of fat in your neck by freezing the fat cells. For the purpose of losing neck fat, there are multiple cosmetic skin improvement options you can explore that are non-surgical and non-invasive.


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