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10 BEST Ways To Boost Your Life Force Energy

The etheric term “life force energy” can be found in a significant number of cultures and ancient customs, be it the Chinese concept of ‘Qi’ or ‘chi’, the Indian ‘Prana’, the Hebrew ‘Ruach’, the Greek ‘Pneuma’, or the Latin ‘spiritus’.



So what is life force energy?


If we were to explain it in simple terms, it could be defined as a symbolic way of praising the delight of being alive that is “breath,” without which we will perish.

It is an energy that grants your life. The life processes are made possible by the continuous movement of this cosmic energy through and around the body.

The subtle question that might arise in your mind is, what does this energy feel like?

Attention and conscious intentions to enhance the flow of vital life force energy can increase contentment and open a path towards satisfaction at a personal and global level. So, where does life force energy come from and how to increase it?



Increasing life force energy: How?


Life force energy essentially is directly related to our emotions, and so, we should engage in activities and practices that liberate its flow and revitalize our cells.

When your chi is hefty and coherent, you are at the peak of your physical and mental well-being. You remain calm in challenging circumstances, and you feel confident.

However, if its flow is constricted or low, you may feel as if your mind, body, and soul are exhausted. Anxious thoughts might surround you, and your thinking will be muddled. You may feel as if you are unable to extract or express your full potential.



Here, we have lined up for you ten habits you can cultivate to produce more focused life force energy:




meditation for life force energy


1. Practice visualization

The ability to visualize mental pictures of what you want your body and surroundings to become can dramatically increase your focused life force energy.

Visualization is a prominent bit of creation. It isn’t a magic recipe. Instead, it is a practice that helps improve our performance to make our thoughts become a reality.





2. Spend time in nature

Nature has a powerful healing vibration.

According to a study, scientists found out that when people spend time in natural surroundings, they experienced increased immunity system response.

Spare a few minutes, sit down with nature, and experience the flow of energies around you.

It might seem futile initially, but it is a simple yet effective practice to elevate your prana life force energy levels.

Added benefits of spending time with nature are:

  • Lowered stress
  • Boosted physical and mental health
  • Peace of mind and relaxation





3. Avoid chemical toxins

Toxins are artificial substances that are added to many products. The presence of toxins makes the products impure as well as harms the body. Keep a close check on the products you use daily. Not only in the food or alcohol you consume, but much more!

These can be make-up products, dryer sheets, or perfumes. Toxins are also present in air fresheners, shampoos, and soaps that we use daily. These products are supposed to beautify ourselves and our environment. Ironically, they do not.

Avoid such products in order to enhance universal energy flow within you. Surrounding yourself with products without chemical toxins creates a significant positive impact on the energy that enters your body. Aside from picking products based on their chemical composition, if you want to increase your life force energy and raise your vibration, it is also recommended to opt for organic, cruelty-free, vegan products that do not test on animals. That brings us to our next point:





4. Organic food all the way!

Energy flows into your body also through products you consume, and hence it’s imperative to keep a check on what you eat. Yes, we are talking about every bite you take and every sip!

The energy derived from the sun is stored in plants. Intake of fresh organic food enables this energy to enter your body and enhance your life force energy.

Cultivate a habit of making your meals and feeling grateful for them. The consumption of fresh organic food with a spoonful of gratitude will instantly energize you. This way, you ensure that your body gets energy from the purest source: the sun.





5. A good night’s sleep

The easiest way to boost life force energy is to have a goodnight’s sleep. A night of deep sleep does more than just restoring your physical strength, it brings you mental clarity and emotional energy as well.

Studies suggest that the growth hormone is emitted throughout your body during deep sleep. The growth hormone is responsible for repairing the tissues in your body after a long day’s work. Nothing will make you feel more energized in the morning than last night’s deep, quality sleep.

Make sure you go to bed before midnight and wake up at sunrise to align yourself with nature’s cycle.





6. Exercise regularly

Exercises and movements make you feel fresh and energetic. Exercising in the morning will give your day a much needed kick start. Starting your day on this note will not let you feel lethargic during the day and will keep you motivated to achieve more!

It is a given that a sedentary lifestyle will make you feel low and even sluggish. According to studies, when you move more, your heart pumps blood faster. Thus, the increased blood circulation in your body will make you feel active and more energetic.

You can opt for a bike ride, a swimming session, or even a walk in a park. If you do not feel motivated to work out, you can indulge in healthy, adventurous activities that do not involve exercising per se. Go for a trek, practice some yoga, sign up for a dance class, or play your favorite sport. Most importantly, get your body moving and have fun while you’re at it! Grounding yourself in such physical activities will also facilitate the flow of universal energy through your body and make you feel happier overall.

The key is to get the body moving. But make sure you do not over-exert yourself in the process of enhancing vital energy! Balance is key.





7. Practice positive affirmations

Throughout our days, all human beings attract either positive or negative situations and feelings into their lives through the power of thought. We get used to our thought patterns, which shape our entire belief system and outer/inner realities.

Positive affirmations are like an exercise for your brain. They rewire our thought process and help you develop an entirely different mindset. When we greet everything that happens to us with positive thoughts and emotions, positive energy enters our bodies. By doing so, it automatically uplifts your energy levels.

Practicing positive affirmations limits your brain to repetitive positive intentions and ideas. Here are a few positive affirmations that you should practice to increase life force energy in you:

  • I am grateful for every day.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • I am loved.
  • I believe in my dreams.
  • The energy of the universe flows freely through me.

To learn more and for more positive affirmations, click here!





8. Positive entertainment only!

The sounds you hear and the visuals you see have a considerable impact on your life and your life force energy level. What you hear or what you see throughout the day impacts your thought process, even if it is subconscious. Ideally, at the end of the day, you should be able to recall all the positive things you exposed your senses to.

This is only possible when you limit or avoid consuming “negative entertainment”, such as watching movies or reading magazines that are not positive in nature. Exposing yourself to negative or unpleasant things happening in the world will only make you feel more down and at times even exhausted.

Read a feel-good novel, watch a happy movie, or hum along to a chirpy song. Make sure your source of entertainment is positive. Listed below are a few entertainment options among the ones we recommend.

• Novel: A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

• Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

• Web series: The Office





9. Clean up your space

Your life force energy is most definitely affected by the flow of energy of things around you. Clutter plays a vital role in how you feel, and how you look at your home, workplace, and even yourself.

A messy bed, dirty laundry or a disorganized table can instantly make you feel overwhelmed and uneasy. This mess can block positive vibrations and make you anxious. Dark and dull colors in your surrounding can also make you feel low.

To increase life force energy, you should keep your home clean. Invite positive vibrations in your room by adding a brightly colored curtain or bed sheet. Clean your desk and organize it in a way that makes you feel happy and peaceful.  Add a small plant to your shelf to lighten up the energy around and bring more positive vibrations into your surroundings.

Eliminating negative thoughts from your mind is as important as removing clutter in your home! Make sure that your surroundings are clean, and your subconscious mind will feel less cluttered as well.





10. Strengthen your emotions

Your emotions have a vital influence on the energetic field around you. Keep a check on what you feel and what type of energy you are letting out in the universe. Your consciousness directs the kind of energy you give out and take in. The vibrations that you “send out” tend to attract energy of the same vibration. In other words, positivity attracts positivity and negativity acts like a magnet for negativity.

With that in mind, send positive thoughts in the universe, and you will feel the positive energy coming back to you. Express your love for the people around you. Be grateful for things you have. Celebrate and cherish the little accomplishments.

Make sure you avoid all types of negative personal energies of people.




The Bottomline

Every small step you take and every thought you have shapes the flow of life around you. If you aim to enhance your energy, make sure you consider every little thing you do and every little thought you have.

It might not be easy for you to make drastic changes. Don’t get discouraged! It’s all part of the process. Take baby steps. Start with changes and habits that you think might be easy to incorporate. As you gradually get used to these changes, your life force energy flow will start enhancing.




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