25 Best Abundance Affirmations + User Guide


M.K. Gandhi, our beloved Bapu (father), once said that “Beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become values, and values become destiny.”


Or simply put, “thoughts become things,” as rightly said by Bob Proctor.


The pursuit of most people is to be able to manifest their abilities to achieve their ultimate goal. For this, we primarily rely on positive affirmations as proven techniques to get one step closer to our goals.


Positive affirmations are a kind of scientific prayer that interacts with the conscious and subconscious levels of mind.


The law of attraction talks about the power of abundance affirmations and other affirmations in general. It helps us understand how to use it best to manifest to our truest potential, and anything else we might want in the meantime.




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How Can Positive Affirmations Create An Impact?


Reciting and reiterating affirmations can cause you to tap the realm of infinite power within you. It also enables you to seek anything that you wish for or deeply desire. With enough practice of affirmations for abundance, you start to develop an abundance mindset which helps to achieve even your wildest dreams.


Let us understand what Gandhi and Proctor meant.


Our mind is the most complex mechanism that controls and decides how we lead our life. Thoughts originate in the mind as a result of neural processes.


Anything, before manifesting in the physical realm, has to originate in the mind. Thoughts are a simple yet powerful force that dominates our life. According to research, an average human is estimated to have about 10,000 thoughts a day.


These comprise both positive as well as negative thoughts. What happens to you is a result of what you think. The power of thought is scientifically being transformed in the form of affirmations to obtain anything you desire.


Your thoughts take shape through the words that you speak. Your speech generates the action that is required. These actions, when done regularly, turn into habits. Values are a result of custom that is the habit. These values eventually become destiny.


Thoughts are by far the most potent of all human intelligence.




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What Are Abundance Affirmations?


Incorporating affirmations in your life can make you more than a mere victim of your circumstances.


Abundance affirmations are a by-product and an essential component of the Law of Attraction. Now, what exactly is the Law of Attraction?


It is a philosophy that advocates that the nature of our thoughts is the origin of the experiences we endure.


It means that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes and negative attracts negative. Fortunately, it is possible to use this to our advantage in constructing the life we desire.







How To Frame Abundance Affirmations?


Abundance refers to the outpouring of something in plenty. It could be realized in the sense of wealth, love, happiness, etc.


Abundance affirmations are of many types. The most commonly practiced ones are the “I am” affirmations. These affirmations begin with ‘I am’ followed by a set of positive words.


• The affirmations are usually short sentences that ascertain faith in the statement. It is always best to keep them limited to 10 words.

• Shorter sentences are easier to grasp and recite.

• Your brain picks them up quickly and includes them in your thought processes.

• They should comprise adjectives and verbs in the present tense. This is a crucial element of using Law of Attraction to your benefit!

• They should be candid and straightforward.

• They should validate your goal or desire that you want to manifest.




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Best Abundance Affirmations To Manifest Your Desires


You can choose any of the below in this list of abundance affirmations or even come up with your own. By implementing these affirmations into your daily routine, you can secure financial abundance, business prosperity, success, happiness and become a magnet for abundance of any kind.


1. I believe in myself – this should be the first one because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.


2. I am grateful for everything I have – a way of showing gratitude. People who are thankful for what they have, receive more and more. It is analogous to giving thanks to God.


3. I live an abundant and prosperous life – affirming bounty. Believing that you have an already remarkable life will profuse in even more significant amounts. Another similar one is, “I radiate abundance.”


4. Shri Maatreya Namaha – is a Sanskrit mantra which you can chant continuously to boost your confidence. I can personally attest to the truth of the statement.


5. I attract positivity – having a positive attitude towards life will yield positive results. As Jeff Keller said, “Attitude is everything.”


6. I am intelligent and talented – self-approval is essential. Asserting yourself of your capabilities and sometimes augmenting them can significantly improve self-esteem.


7. I am open to endless opportunities – constructively, of course. Allowing yourself to break open the barriers around you will open up a stream of infinite possibilities.


8. I am a magnet to good health, wealth, and being. A healthy body can be home to a healthy mind. This mind is responsible for the conscious and unconscious actions that the body performs.


9. I am attracting a happier, better life – saying it sure might have made you smile. The ultimate goal in everyone’s life is a happy life. With the power of affirmation, happy life is possible.


10. I make money quickly and attract abundant wealth.


11. I am confident and brave – the traits which show that you are a fighter. In the face of adversity, you show immense courage and confidence that helps you turn the situation around.


12. I am in unlimited abundance of money – is another simple, but powerful way to manifest a life of abundance.


13. I am beautiful and I am attracting beautiful people in my life – is an affirmation for attracting more positive people living a similar, abundant life. 


14. I am the embodiment of the energy of abundance – is a great way to attract endless abundance.


15. Money comes easy and effortlessly to me – great for manifesting unexpected money in your life.


16. I am a magnet for money – for those seeking financial prosperity.


17. I achieve my money goals with ease and pleasure.


18. Limitless abundance of happiness and health is coming my way.


19. I feel abundance of laughter, joy and happiness daily – is a powerful tool for manifesting a happy life.


20. I am attracting more and more abundance in my life every day.


21. I am worthy of all that I desire – the idea of “being worthy” of what you most desire is incredibly important and effective.


22. I am grateful for what I have and for the massive abundance that is coming my way.


23. I am capable of everything that I set my mind to – another essential tool in manifesting the life you want.


24. I attract everything I desire and more.


25. I am grateful for the money that comes my way.







How To Use The Affirmations To Impact Your Life Positively?


There comes the point in almost every person’s life at some stage, which prods the purpose of life. Once this question is answered, the next obstacle is how to build our life around this purpose.


Abundance affirmations, when employed correctly, can cause tremendous changes and enrich your life.


Constant repetition can cause rewiring of your brain to believe the affirmation. Hence, you start working towards it, and the result is what you desired to achieve in the first place.


But abundance affirmations are more than just repetition. You have to believe your affirmations for them to take form. Repeating them with utmost conviction and belief will make them come true.


Emotions are an integral aspect of our day-to-day life. These emotions should also be incorporated when reciting the abundance affirmations.


You can either choose to say them out loud or repeat them silently. This should be done with emotions involved and utmost concentration.


When you repeat something repeatedly, you experience some vibrations. These vibrations are a way of communicating with the universe. As a result, your desires become a reality.


Being grateful for all you have is the right attitude to go about. Do not be skeptical about the results. Faith over fear will make life much more meaningful.


A positive attitude is the best baggage you can have. All moral problems can be solved just by changing your thinking to an abundance mindset. 







When, Where, And How To Use Affirmations About Abundance?


According to most professionals, it takes about 21 days to see some effective change. The number could vary depending on your level of belief. If you started as a firm believer, it might manifest sooner. Consistent practice of daily repeating affirmations about abundance (or any kind of affirmations in general) will also accelerate the outcome. 


Also, depending on the kind of desire, the time varies.


Repeat the affirmations at the same time each day for the best results. It is recommended to repeat abundance affirmations before sleep, or right after you wake up.






Impact of Negative Affirmations


The story is a mention from the popular book “Attitude is Everything.” The famous snippet from the song, “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go,” is a fan favorite. This rhythmic tune which is seemingly harmless, has a negative impact on life.


Let us see how.


In the book, the author takes the example of a girl named Alice who has this song written on the glass pane of her car. She sings this song every day as she goes to work.


In actuality, the song iterates a sense of debt and scarcity mindset. Alice believes she is indebted to her boss or superiors. Every day as she reiterates this, she loses control over her financials. This type of negative thought patterns creates an opposition to wealth.


She does not want to take accountability for her finances. She accepts that being obligated to work and hence goes to work even if she does not feel like it.


The example clearly shows what negative affirmations can do to a person.





Final Thoughts


When interviewed, many successful people have said that they believed in their goal much before its inception. They obsessed over it and ultimately achieved it.


“If you are obstinate about wanting something badly enough, the entire universe will work towards making it happen for you.” The universe in this context is everything we know, and so much more we don’t.


We are but a speck in this universe that we know so little about.


The saying stems from believing that a positive attitude towards life and abundance affirmations can manifest anything we want. An affirmation a day, makes your life better each day!




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