how to tell if your hair is healthy
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How To Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy


Luscious hair is one of the most visible signs of good health. But it also requires some special treatments and has to be taken care of properly. Healthy hair undeniably adds to a person’s physical attractiveness and is a huge factor in how other people view you. With all the available options to style your hair, such as changing the color, curling, braiding etc, you have a lot of tools to improve your hair’s appearance. But what about the health of your hair? Before tackling any issues, it is important to find out how to tell if your hair is healthy, check your hair to see if it has any problems, and then proceed.


How To Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy


Minimal Hair Loss

Losing some of your hair strands every day is quite normal and is nothing to be afraid of. But if your hair loss gets too excessive, that’s a sign of unhealthiness of both your hair and your body. Chronic hair loss can be a sign of an underlying illness, or a consequence of extreme weight loss. Be cautious of the amount of hair falling on the floor or being left on your comb after brushing your hair. According to studies, it’s normal to lose about a hundred strands per day. If you think your hair loss amount does not go beyond this limit, then there’s nothing to worry about.


Dandruff-Free Scalp

Dandruff can be an effect of dry skin or fungus on your scalp. The health of your hair will be jeopardized if your scalp is having issues. If your scalp is free from these itchy flakes, then it’s a sign that the skin on your head is in good shape, so you can keep pursuing your ideal healthy hair.


No Split Ends

Another way how to tell if your hair is healthy is the absence of split ends. Checking the ends of your hair strands after drying them can help you assess your hair’s well-being. If you notice that the tips of the hairs have diverged to multiple and thinner ones, your hair is experiencing brittleness and dryness. Your locks should remain as single strands from root to tip to be considered as healthy.


Check For Elasticity 

The elasticity of your hair is an indication of sufficient nutrients entering the follicles. This means that they are strong enough to resist breakage, which is one of the main causes of hair loss. For example if your hair is curly, similarly to a spring, your hair should return to its normal state after being pulled. For straight hair, it should be able to bend without breakage and to stretch to its full length without snapping when it’s being combed.


Pay Attention To The Shine

Physical appearance is probably the easiest and fastest way how to tell if your hair is healthy. Essential oils secreted by your scalp act as moisturizers that make your hair shiny and luscious. Without these naturally produced oils, your hair strands will look dull and dry, which is one of the main signs of unhealthiness. If you usually get a lot of compliments on your shiny hair, that’s a good sign.


Smoothness Is Key

The texture of your locks can also give you a few hints about their current condition. Healthy hairs are very smooth and don’t feel porous. When your hair is healthy, your hair strands are smooth and don’t entangle easily with each other, and your fingers can run through your hair effortlessly. This indicates that they are moisturized well and that they contain the necessary  amount of nutrients that ensure smoothness.



When your hair is healthy, you will be able to tell right away. Unlike unhealthy hair that is dull, brittle and dry, healthy hair has all the vitamins, oils and nutrients that it requires, so your hair will be able to move freely and look lively and bouncy. It’s almost as if it is happy to be alive! 


What To Do When You Know That Your Hair Is Unhealthy?


After knowing how to tell if your hair is healthy, you can now assess if it is indeed in good health or not. If you have carefully inspected your hair and came to the conclusion that it is unhealthy, or if you simply want to prevent your healthy hair from any damage – then here are some tips we have compiled for you in order to improve your hair health.



Include More Protein And Omega-3 In Your Diet

To almost any health dilemma, the first solution is to have a well-balanced diet. For your hair’s health case, you need to consume foods that are packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The hair is made up of a protein called keratin, and sustaining this nutrient helps in maintaining your hair’s strength. Eggs and lean meats are some great sources of protein. Omega-3 fatty acids, on the other hand, are often found in salmons, mackerels, and sardines. They nourish your scalp and reduce its inflammation that is linked to hair loss, as well as making your individual hair strands stronger, more elastic and resilient.



Choose The Right Hair Products For You

This is probably one of the most crucial ways to keep your hair in good shape. If you think your hair’s health is starting to deteriorate, there’s a big chance that it is because of the hair product you’re using. It is critical to know which shampoo or conditioner goes well with your hair. First, you have to discover the factor that is causing the damage. If your strands are dry and frizzled, choose the hair product that could moisturize them. It might take time to do trial-and-errors as to what product your hair prefers, but when you finally got to pinpoint the right one, it’s worth the try.


Go Organic

Your hair may be very delicate and can be easily harmed by chemicals commonly found in a lot of hair products. However, do not worry, you can treat your hair by using organic home remedies that help revitalize your locks instead. These remedies include coconut oil, aloe vera, honey, olive oil and many others that could condition the scalp and aid in hair growth. You can also apply egg or yogurt hair masks as treatments for dry hair. Going organic is a method that is both inexpensive and healthy.



Limit The Heat

Whether it is for straightening or curling, ironing is a very common tool in hairstyling. It helps you style your hair in the fastest, easiest and the most convenient way. However, this convenience comes hand in hand with many risks. It is not recommended to expose your hair to extreme levels of temperature, more so if it’s done frequently. You can straighten or curl your hair but try limiting it to once a week, or even less, to avoid damaging your hair in an irreversible way.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Other than applying moisturizing hair products, another best way to make sure that your hair is moisturized is to hydrate your body from the inside. Without a doubt, the best way to do so is by drinking enough water every day and staying hydrated. Like plants, your hair needs water to grow as it helps in strengthening the roots and preventing breakage.

For more information on how to stay hydrated, click here!


Wash And Brush Properly

Washing your hair with water and shampoo cleanses your hair and scalp of dirt, grease and any other impurities. However, the way you wash your hair can also be a reason why it is getting unhealthy. Applying too much shampoo, conditioner or any other hair products is not recommended for your hair. As it was mentioned above, the significance of having enough natural oils on your hair cannot be overestimated. These oils are vital to both your hair’s beauty and health. Too much shampoo and hair products might remove such oils that are responsible for your hair’s moisture. There are many different perspectives as to how often you should wash your hair, but generally, it all comes down to your preference and hair type. Generally, it is recommended to wash your hair about 2-3 times a week. Washing your hair daily can strip your hair off the natural oils necessary to protect it, and therefore make it more vulnerable. If you wish to wash your hair daily, then limit the usage of shampoo to an amount that is just enough to cover the roots. The ends will then be cleansed once the shampoo runs down during rinsing.

As per the brushing part, it is recommended to use combs or brushes with wide bristles. Start brushing a few inches from the tips and advance your way up to the roots. Pulling your hair down directly from the roots might prompt you to apply greater force to instantly entangle your hair. This will result in breakage and falling off of your hair from the follicles.


Consult An Expert

When you think the home remedies don’t seem to work and you’re still having a bad hair day, then you might want to consult an expert. The first step is knowing how to tell if your hair is healthy. After evaluating the health status of your hair at home and trying the tips you learned from this article, you might want to contact a doctor. Doctors such as dermatologists and trichologists will help you with repairing your damaged hair, and they can also recommend a treatment or a medical procedure, if required. 


Trim Your Ends Regularly

Another good preventative measure when it comes to your hair health, is to make sure you trim your hair ends regularly. Although it sounds contradictory and counterintuitive, regular trimming of hair can actually promote healthy hair growth. Cutting your split ends will prevent your hair from splitting further, therefore conserving the healthy look of your hair.  


Ditch The Blow Dryer 

At our day and age, it is undeniable that a blow dryer is the most convenient and easy way to dry your hair. Especially if you are in a rush, there is no faster way to get your hair ready than using a blow dryer. However, the hot temperatures of the air coming out of the blow dryer can significantly damage your hair. For that reason, it is recommended not to use blow dryers nearly as often, and only use them rarely, as a last resort. Instead of blow drying your hair, it is better to just pat it with a towel and let it air dry. If you want to go for the healthiest option possible, try using an old t-shirt instead. Using an old t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair will not tough up the hair cuticle as much and will be a gentler option. 


“Hair” This Out

Maintaining your hair requires effort and care. After knowing how to tell if your hair is healthy and the things you can do to bring back its vitality, it is now time to assess your hair’s condition. Know the specific factors that damage your locks and provide solutions accordingly. It is better to make your hair beautiful both inside and out so you can wear it confidently.


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