How to Do a DIY Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a variety of a diet that consists in exclusively consuming fruit and vegetable juices in order to detoxify our bodies and, perhaps, shed a few pounds. Although the benefits of such detox are not always obvious, there are plenty of amazing health advantages from putting your body through a cleanse. Given the abundance of services that offer delivery of ready-to-drink fruit and vegetable juices, it isn’t hard to find a juice cleanse that fits your personal needs, or even easier, make a DIY juice cleanse.


diy juice cleanse


So, Why Do a DIY Juice Cleanse? 

Most adults do not get nearly enough vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis. The sugar, sodium and the processed foods that most of us consume every day leaves its print on our bodies – little by little, our unhealthy diets undermine out digestive system, which in turn has a negative impact on more aspects of our lives than we could imagine. According to research, depression, tiredness, sleepiness, nervousness, even skin breakouts – are all symptoms of a bigger underlying problem, issues with digestion. Sometimes, the best way to put your body back on track is to “press” a restart button. In this case, it would be a DIY juice cleanse. 


What Is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is an extended period of time (usually 3-10 days) when it is only allowed to consume fruit and vegetable juices, sometimes water or tea. Pressed juices contain the vitamins, nutrients and minerals necessary for the body to function properly, and the “fasting” nature of the cleanse allows them to absorb better and more efficiently. 


diy juice cleanse


DIY Juice Cleanse Benefits:

  • Digestion Aid

One of the main benefits of juice cleanses consists in an infusion of enzymes that are found in fresh fruits and vegetables into your body. The primary function of the enzymes is providing help in digestion and aiding in absorbing the nutrients that is consumed with food into the body. Without those enzymes it is impossible for the body to make use of all the nutrients that your body receives. 

  • Energy Reset

Another major advantage of a juice cleanse is the increase in energy levels that people report after going through the detox. Thanks to the help of the enzymes, the body now wastes less energy on digesting food, meaning that there is more energy for you to spend! On top of that, now that your absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is increased, you receive and are able to digest more nutrients and therefore, you feel healthier and more energetic.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Let’s face it, as adults, our daily intake of fruits and vegetables is critically low. Including more fruits and vegetables in your diet is not only a number one advice you would get from any doctor, but also an exceptionally good everyday habit to have. Consuming more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis has endless health benefits such as improved blood pressure, heart health, eye health, decreased risk of various diseases and increased general well-being. Because pressed juices are made of fruits and vegetables and fit in a bottle, they are easier to consume than actual fruits and vegetables, without missing out on any of the health benefits of the latter. So in order to get all of the vitamins your diet requires, try a DIY juice cleanse.

  • Detoxification 

Not only does a juice cleanse allow the body to absorb more antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, but it also allows the body to get rid of the toxins that are stored and accumulated inside after years of unhealthy food consumption. With the energy that is preserved from not having to digest as much food, the body can now focus on cleansing itself from toxins.

  • Immune System Support

Consuming exclusively juices somewhat resembles fasting, which is packed with various great health benefits to your body. The fasted state creates an effective boost to the immune system and promotes the rejuvenation of the organs and creation of new cells.  



Types of Juice Cleanses:

1 Day Cleanse:

One day juice cleanses are a great way to try out and see if a juice cleanse is a comfortable option for you. By trying out juice detox for just one day, the body is given a chance to reset without having to go through days without consuming any solid food. One day cleanses are the best option for people who have already tried out cleanses for longer periods of time, like 3 days or a week, and now are wanting to keep up the results by incorporating one-day juice cleanses per week. Another great use of one-day juice cleanses consists in cleansing before and after a vacation, a holiday, a sickness or a weekend that involved a lot of unhealthy food. 


3 Day Cleanse:

In most cases, the 3-day cleanse is the most popular and widely used option. Not only does it allow you to get a “taste” of detoxing using a juice cleanse, but it also allows enough time for most health benefits associated with juice cleansing to come into effect! By cleansing for as little as 3 days you can already experience all of the amazing health benefits mentioned above, like increased energy, improved digestion and overall feeling of well-being. A three day DIY juice cleanse is also a good first step for people who are trying to get into more lengthy detox programs. 


3+ Day Cleanse:

Some people love the juice cleanse results and prefer to go on longer periods of time of consuming fruit and vegetable juices without ingesting solid food. Such juice cleanses can range anywhere from 3 days up to a month. However, for people who choose to detox this way, it is advised to include some smoothies into their diet along with juices, in order to ensure that their body receives a proper amount of fiber that is necessary for the correct functioning of the body. Some people use these lengthy detoxes as a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle, that will eventually include solid food as well as fruit and vegetable juices on a daily basis. After such cleanse, it is important to know what to eat after a DIY juice cleanse. It is crucial to introduce solid food slowly and carefully into your diet. For the first week, it is recommended to stay away from processed foods, foods with high amounts of sugar and sodium, red meats, and generally anything heavy for the stomach.

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