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Fruit Water Benefits For Your Health

Maintaining your water balance and staying hydrated is one of the best things that you could do for your body. Keeping yourself hydrated will have countless benefits for your health and wellbeing.


For instance, it will help cleanse your body of toxins, ensure skin elasticity, improve muscle performance, promote heart health, keep your joints lubricated etc. It is hard to overestimate the importance of maintaining your water balance. That is where fruit water benefits come into play.


The daily recommended water intake level for an adult is half a gallon to a gallon of water. Although it may be somewhat of a challenge to drink this much water a day, the good news is – it doesn’t only have to be water. Surprisingly enough, sometimes other liquids can retain in your body better than water and provide you with more nutrients.


For instance, instead of water, you could opt for water infused with fruit, tea or diluted apple juice. The main difference between these liquids and regular water is that they carry additional nutrients, therefore, they’re an even healthier option. 


Here, we are going to take a look at fruit water benefits. Fruit water is water that has been previously infused with fruit or berries, which in turn adds vitamins and nutrients to your water. Last but not least, it also supplies your water with a refreshing fruity flavor.





Why drink infused water?


  • Low in sugar 

The main fruit water benefits consist in being a healthy alternative to other sugary drinks, sodas or fruit juices that contain high levels of added sugar. Infused water, however, is very low in sugar, except for natural sugars that are present in fruits in very low levels.


  • Better hydration 

Although drinking plain regular water is very important for replenishing your water balance, sometimes it can have an opposite effect. If you drink too much water, it will have a “flushing” effect for your digestive system – it will start flushing out your body without actually hydrating it. However, if the water is infused, the added vitamins and nutrients derived from the fruit will help the water retain in your body better. 


  • Low in calories 

Compared to most other drinks that are perceived as “healthy”, such as fruit juices or smoothies, infused water will be extremely low in calories without sacrificing the quality of flavor. Infusing water with fruit will provide the water with an exceptional, refreshing taste minus all the calories 🙂




Fruit water benefits:


  • High vitamin content 

One of the main fruit water benefits is it’s high vitamin content. When the water is being infused with fruit, it naturally absorbs the vitamins and nutrients from the fruits. Therefore, regular plain water instantly becomes a great source of a variety of vitamins. For example, infusing your water with citruses such as orange slices will provide you with a significant amount of vitamin C, which has been proven to have a positive impact on your immune system.



  • More hydration

Since infused water tastes better, it can incline you to drink more water and this, in turn, will keep you more hydrated. Maintaining your water balance is nothing less than crucial for your health and physical appearance. Also, it is important to mention that when your body is properly hydrated, it is more efficient in cleansing your body of toxins and waste, providing you with a natural detox.



  • Shed more pounds 

One of the best fruit water benefits consists in the fact that it makes you feel fuller than regular water, which can lead to a decrease in appetite and, thus, lower calorie intake. Also more generally, drinking water has been linked to fewer calories ingested throughout the day, which also contributes to weight loss.




Best recipes to use fruit water benefits:


When it comes to fruit water, it is best to use a pitcher or a water bottle in order to infuse the water with the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit. It is best to leave the water to infuse for a day, or overnight in order to get the most benefits that the fruits have to offer. When infusing your water overnight, it is best to keep it refrigerated. 


  • Pineapple (cut in small chunks) + Coconut + Lime


  • Strawberry (sliced) + Fresh basil leaves (torn) + Lemon (thinly sliced)


  • Cucumber (thinly sliced) + Fresh mint leaves (torn)


  • Blueberries + Fresh rosemary + Lemon (thinly sliced)


  • Orange (thinly sliced) + Lemon (thinly sliced) + Ginger (peeled and sliced thinly)


  • Watermelon (cut in small cubes) + Kiwi (peeled and thinly sliced or cubed) + Lime 


  • Cucumber (thinly sliced) + Lemon + Celery (cut in small pieces)


  • Apple (thinly sliced) + Cinnamon sticks 


  • Lemon + Fresh mint leaves + Ginger (peeled and thinly sliced) + Cucumber (sliced)


  • Grapefruit (unpeeled, sliced) + Fresh rosemary 


  • Cucumber (sliced) + Fresh thyme + Lime (thinly sliced)


  • Lemon (thinly sliced) + Raspberry + Fresh mint leaves



Bottom line:


As you can see, there are plenty of fruit water benefits that you can use to your advantage. Making it a habit to drink infused water instead of juices, store-bought smoothies or sodas will help you feel more energized, stay hydrated, maintain a healthy weight and look fresh. Before you discount this option, try it! Infused water can be delicious, chances are you might like it 🙂



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