15 Best Foods For Glowing Skin

We often hear the saying that beauty comes from within. It’s no secret that beauty and radiance of our skin primarily depends on the health of our body as a whole, and therefore on our nutrition. Lack of vitamins and minerals in our diet leads to skin problems such as acne, loss of micronutrients and moisture in our skin and loss of elasticity, which, in turn, encourages the appearance of new wrinkles.

An increasing amount of people resorts to paying money for expensive cosmetic procedures in order to improve the appearance of their skin, instead of attempting to balance their diets in a way that allows them to receive all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis and significantly improve their skin. Let’s take a look at how to diversify our diet in order to help our skin stay radiant and how to keep skin young:


  • Red Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper is highly rich in lycopene – a natural antioxidant that protects cells from damage. In addition to lycopene, it is also rich in vitamin C – its content here is even higher than that of oranges. As you probably know, vitamin C also has a powerful antioxidant effect. That is why it is recommended that you add this vegetable to your salads and snacks.


  • Salmon

Fatty varieties of fish, such as for instance salmon, nourish the skin from the inside and help improve its appearance and relieve inflammation. In addition, vitamins A and D, in combination with other elements found in salmon help improve blood circulation, and therefore, the skin regains a more radiant and toned appearance.


  • Avocado 

Increasing your intake of avocados on a daily basis helps smooth wrinkles and restore the elasticity of your skin. This happens due to its high contents of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E. In addition, avocado oil helps relieve inflammation on the skin, so cosmetologists recommend to use it in order to treat skin issues such as dermatitis, eczema and acne.


  • Strawberry

Strawberry is a very unique berry that combines many properties that are highly beneficial for your skin. Firstly, due to its high content of vitamins and nutrients, it slows down the inflammatory processes in the body, including the skin. Therefore, if you suffer from acne, it is recommended that you include strawberries into your daily diet. Secondly, a high content of vitamin C strengthens the blood vessels and promotes collagen production. Thirdly, this berry contains ellagic acid, which minimizes the harmful effects of sunlight.


  • Pomegranate

Pomegranate is another great source of ellagic acid – a substance that is not only one of the most powerful antioxidants, but also is responsible for the regeneration of skin cells. If you consume pomegranate or pomegranate juice regularly, you may significantly delay all aging processes in your body. In addition, pomegranate contains more than 15 kinds of amino acids, which are synthesized into protein, which, in turn, is the main building material for skin cells.


  • Nuts

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, nuts are rich in vitamin E, which protects the skin and body against the harmful effects of the environment. It also contains coenzyme, whose production in our bodies slows down with age, and as a result our skin begins to lose elasticity. The combination of all these components will help accelerate the regeneration processes and preserve the youth of your skin.


  • Olive Oil

No wonder olive oil is considered to be an elixir of youth. It contains an unparalleled amount of fatty acids and vitamin E, which restore the skin, reduces dryness and peeling, and contributes to faster regeneration of the upper layers of our skin. 


  • Eggs

The main advantage of eggs in maintaining healthy and youthful skin consists in a high content of amino acids and protein. Eggs have been one of the leaders in DIY skin and hair care, being the main component for various masks and treatments.


  • Watermelon

Watermelon not only helps quench your thirst on a hot day, but also moisturizes the epidermis from the inside. It is a widely known fact that staying hydrated is one of the main prerequisites for healthy and glowing skin. In addition, watermelon contains vitamins A and C.


  • Carrots

Another vegetable that protects your youth and beauty is a carrot. Its main advantage consists in a high content of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which combined with vitamins C and E, help fight uneven skin color and hyperpigmentation, improve skin elasticity, as well as slow down the aging process.


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